Have you ever thought about adding a Cybersecurity introductory course? Here are some teaching & curriculum resources to check out, most are FREE!
Check out this list of some cybersecurity teaching & curriculum resources from CSTA Iowa Vice President, Kyle Kuhlers! Feel free to contact Kyle at kuhlerk@waterlooschools.org with questions.
1️⃣  teachcyber.org has an 8 unit Introductory to Cyber Security Course with many great activities and for the labs you can use the U.S. CyberRange - which does cost.

2️⃣  cyber.org provides resources to teachers by request. You can access to their Canvas website to get to the courses and it's all FREE! These labs also use the U.S. CyberRange. In that Canvas site there are courses such as:
  • CyberSecurity for grades 10-12 that aligns to the Security+ certification test,
  • IT Fundamentals for grades 8-9 that aligns to the ITF+ certification test,
  • Cyber Science for grades 10-12, Cyber Society for grades 9-12,
  • Cyber Literacy for grades 8-10, and Cyber Literacy II for grades 9-12, and
additional courses on their site.

3️⃣  IT-Adventures Cyber Curriculum that includes 10 modules that are approximately a week in length. To get access to this curriculum all you have to do is send Ally Frickel at Iowa State University a message requesting it. This curriculum has been created and developed by Dr. Doug Jacobson's Computer Engineering students. Ms. Frickel's email is africkel@iastate.edu and she looks forward to hearing from you.

4️⃣  There is a private facebook group you can request to join that is very active, and helpful the title is "Cybersecurity Educators".

5️⃣  Check out a Capture the Flag competition for your students:
  • CyberPatriot is a Capture the Flag competition in the fall done in teams of students. Visit https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/ for more details and sign your students up.
  • A spring is picoCTF run by Carnegie Mellon University. Visit https://picoctf.org/get_started to get started with some of their education resources
6️⃣  Iowa State Cyber Defense Competition which is the end of March and into April. Visit http://www.it-adventures.org/learning/cyber/ to get more details.