This month we'd like to highlight CYBER.ORG for Secondary CS Teachers.
CYBER.ORG's (formerly NICERC) goal is to empower educators as they prepare the next generation to succeed in the cyber workforce of tomorrow.  CSTA Iowa member Joel Bundt shared that " is a wonderful organization working diligently to support teachers through the US.  Funded by Homeland Security, they are supported for all activities to equip students to advance in computer science and cyber education.  Their curriculum is free upon request. The curriculum often includes PowerPoint presentations, students activities, and program code.  Several of their courses involve physical computing on devices. They work diligently to offer support to schools and to support teachers. They have been incredibly responsive to our needs and have been a joy to interact with. This past summer, they successful moved to providing online opportunities for teachers to receive PD."
They provide resources and training to educators including a wide variety of curriculum for grades 2 through 12 in topics including CS, CTE, Engineering, Robotics, and Cybersecurity. You can filter and search their curricula here.  Note: access to all curriculum is free for K-12 educators within the US and territories, but you will need to create an account with them and request access.
CYBER.ORG also offers a variety of events, including virtual workshops for educators. Be sure to check their events page for more information and to filter for the type of event you're interested in attending.
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