This month CSTA Iowa shines a spotlight on Corey Rogers. Corey is a Digital Learning Consultant at Grant Wood AEA in Cedar Rapids, IA and the CSTA Iowa Chapter President.

CSTA Iowa Spotlight on Corey Rogers

District/Organization: Grant Wood AEA
City: Iowa City, IA
Describe your teaching position or role:
I am currently a Digital Learning Consultant at Grant Wood AEA. I support teachers and administrators with planning for and delivering instruction that utilizes technology to meet all learners needs. I also support districts with understanding and implementing the Iowa CS standards. I've also served as a School Improvement Consultant, MS Media Specialist, and MS Computer Science & STEM Teachers.
What 's your favorite CS concept or lesson to teach? Why?
I love teaching educators about the CS standards. I especially love working with elementary teachers and helping them understand that they already teach so many of the concepts addressed in the standards. Seeing them gain confidence in their understanding of CS concepts and grow their pedagogy is always inspiring!
What 's your favorite CS resource? Why?

I love the Creative Computer Curriculum from Harvard! No matter the age of the learner, it approaches learning CS through Scratch with a problem solving lens. It allows learns to engage with CS while honoring their own interests and creativity.

Why did you join CSTA & CSTA Iowa?
I joined CSTA because I didn't want other teachers to experience the isolation I felt as the only CS teacher in my building. I continue to seek out opportunities to collaborate with others and have found "my people" in both CSTA and CSTA Iowa. I will forever be grateful to have found educators who get excited about CS with me!