High School CS Educators are invited to complete a survey about the impacts of the pandemic on CS Education. Teachers who complete the survey will be eligible to enter a drawing for one of two $75 gift cards
We invite you to participate in a study to gauge the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on equitable capacity for, access to, participation in, and experiences with computer science education for high school students. This study is conducted in accordance with the guidelines for human research established by Knox College and the American Psychological Association.

You will complete this 10-15 minute survey that asks you how you have seen COVID-19 disruptions impact computer science education in your schools and classrooms. There are no right or wrong answers, and it's okay if you aren't sure of your answers to the questions. We welcome any thoughts you can give us.

It is unlikely that you will benefit directly from participating in this study. However, some individuals find it helpful to reflect on their personal experiences and we can use this data in the future to understand the bigger picture of how COVID-19 has impacted computer science education. You can also formally withdraw from this study or remove answers from your questions without penalty.

Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing for one of two $75 gift cards (approximate chance of winning is 1 in 50).

All of the information you have provided is kept confidential. Only individuals on the research team will have access to the data. We use a secure website and password-protected computers to store your information.
We invite you to ask questions about this study. You are welcome to contact the researcher: Monica McGill at CSEdResearch.org and Knox College, monica@csedresearch.org. If you have questions about your rights as a participant in this study, you may contact the Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Knox College: Andy Hertel, awhertel@knox.edu, 309-341-7334. 

Thank you very much for your participation and your thoughtful input.

Monica McGill
Knox College