Looking for ways to teach Data Science and address the Data & Analysis CS standards? YouCubed has a plethora of resources including a HS data course curriculum, lessons for 6-10 grade, videos, and resources to help kids and colleagues understand why it's important content to learn!

From the YouCubed Data Science web site: "The ability to work with, understand, and use data has become an essential life skill and requirement for an ever-expanding range of jobs and careers.  Data is everywhere around us.  Ninety percent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years (Marr, 2018).  This new data intensive world can be difficult to navigate; decisions that used to be straightforward are now more complex, requiring individuals to be constantly separating fact from fiction.  In short, the need to analyze and interpret data is no longer confined to engineering or computer programming; it has become an essential life skill.  Everywhere we turn, data is telling and weaving stories about our world."

Check out their web site for resources to engage students in data science and the Data & Analysis CS standards with resources for: