Looking for some ideas and inspiration for your CS classroom? There are 15 CS related sessions at ITEC's 2021 Spring Conference April 10 - 16th this year! It's not too late to sign up for access to both pre-recorded and live sessions!
We are thrilled that there are 15 computer science sessions at ITEC's 2021 Spring Conference this year! The conference is virtual this year and looks very different. Sessions include both a 30 minute pre-recorded video and a live 30 minute Q&A time. You can learn more about the conference plan & register here
Curious about the CS Sessions being offered? Check out the slidedeck below to see session titles and when each live Q&A sessions will happen:
Are you presenting at ITEC? We'd be FOREVER GRATEFUL if you'd include slides 1, 2, and 5 in your sessions resources to spread the word about CSTA Iowa & the other CS sessions at ITEC this year.