This month CSTA Iowa shines a spotlight on Mary Hunt. Mary is High School Computer Science & Networking teacher at the Career Center in Sioux City Community Schools.

CSTA Iowa Spotlight on Mary Hunt

District/Organization: Sioux City Community Schools
City: Sioux City, IA
Describe your teaching position or role:
High School Teacher Courses: Computer Science Essentials, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, Cybersecurity, IT Essentials, Configuring Windows and Network Security. Contests: Cyberpatriots and Cyberstart America.
What 's your favorite CS concept or lesson to teach? Why?
Binary because the kids like using the flippy do. After this activity, they ask when are we going to do arts and crafts again?
What 's your favorite CS resource? Why? is the greatest resource that I have seen so far. They have so many resources and activities that I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Why did you join CSTA & CSTA Iowa?
I joined to connect with other educators across the state. Since I am the only CS teacher, it is awesome to communicate with like minds.