, CSTA, and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance recently published the 2020 State of Computer Science Education: Illuminating Disparities. You can view Iowa's state specific report for more information.
This year’s 2020 State of Computer Science Education: Illuminating Disparities shows that although we’ve made progress toward our shared goal of providing access to high-quality computer science education for every student, we still have a lot more work to do.
We encourage you to take a look at  Iowa's state specific report. We have lots to celebrate while also recognizing we have more work to do, too.

Each state page includes graphics displaying computer science policies in place and student enrollment data.

  • Detailed description of state policies that promote computer science education

  • Graph showing access to foundational computer science courses

  • AP Computer Science access and participation disparities for racial and ethnic group
To find out more, read the complete report found here.