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This course will create a collaborative community of PreK-12 educators to explore the first 6 pedagogical principles of Hello World's "The Big Book of Computing Pedagogy". Participants will attend all sessions synchronously on Zoom and be asked to read articles from the following pedagogical principles:
  • Lead with Concepts
  • Make Concrete
  • Work Together
  • Structure Lessons
  • Unplug, Unpack, Repack
  • Read and Explore Code First
Reading reflections and evidence of sharing learning with a colleague not participating in the course will be required.
You can learn more about "The Big Book of Computing Pedagogy" in this article and download a free digital copy here. Educators that attended the CSTA 2022 Conference in Chicago received a free print version of this resources.
Click here to register using the AEA PD System. License Renewal Course cost is $35.00.
Synchronous Course dates:
Thursday, January 19, 2023    04:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM
Thursday, January 26, 2023    04:00:00 PM - 06:00:00 PM
Thursday, February 02, 2023    04:00:00 PM - 06:00:00 PM
Thursday, February 09, 2023    04:00:00 PM - 06:00:00 PM
Thursday, February 16, 2023    04:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM